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PerformWell Golf

Golf Performance Program
Our PerformWell Golf programs as highly specific and specialized to each individuals need. Golfers of different age groups and competition/skill level will have different goals. Our team will identify those training and golf performance goals to execute and continue an effect golf performance program. This can include: 
  • Developing the appropriate movement patterns young/junior golfers will need to enhance performance throughout their golf career, and improve the range of motion required by golf coaches to develop an effective golf swing.
  • Golf specific training for current competitive golfers to enhance strength, range of motion, and stability, in order to improve golf performance. 
  • Injury Prevention Training to reduce the risk of repetitive injuries typically associated with golf.
  • Golf performance training for the recreational golfer who is looking to maximize performance out of the golf season.
  • Golf specific injury rehabilitation: using the latest physiotherapy treatment approaches and golf specific knowledge, our team will get you playing sooner after injury, and teach you how to prevent injury in the future. 
Our physiotherapists have been trained through the Fit Fore Golf program (a researched based golf performance certification specific to Physiotherapists), as well as required to attend TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Golf Fitness Summit to stay up to date with the latest in golf research. 


"19% of golfers warm up appropriately and these golfers report 60% less injuries than those that do not. Early treatment is important for full recovery. Males are more susceptible to lower back injuries while females experience more upper limb injuries." (Gosheger et al, 2003)
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